Stebuliai leisure time hall folk music band „Stebulė“

Leader: Juozas Adomaitis

Folk music band „Stebulė“ was created 14 years ago. It consists of 9 members who entertain the spectators in local events, take part in the festivals and contests organized by district and Alytus county. The band „Stebulė“ participated in the 31st Dzūkija region folk music band festival, in Alytus county folk music band festival „Ei, dzūkeliai, uždainuokim“, they also prepared shows for state and other various festivals.

In 2007 in Lazdijai district folk music band festival-contest „Netgi vakaruškos“ the band „Stebulė“ received the Youngest and Liveliest Band title.

St Ann‘s festival by Prelomciškė mound, located on the Dusia Lake bank, in Lazdijai district became traditional. Folk music band „Stebulė“entertain everybody who comes to this festival every year and they are the main organizers of this festival as well.