Festival of countryside orchestras

Festival of Countryside Orchestras „Hey, “dzukeliai”, let’s sing“

Last Friday, June 22, all roads lead to Seirijai, where a double feast took place: Summer Solstice and the festival of countryside orchestras of Alytus district „Hey, “dzukeliai”, let’s sing“. Those who were not afraid of rain and came to the feast were not disappointed – performers, giving a concert on the new stage of Lazdijai cultural centre, at the park near Seirijai community centre, could easily compete with participants of state festivals.

All the people were greeted by Lazdijai region Council Member Nijole Lepeškiene, she also conveyed greetings of Lazdijai region Mayor Arturas Margelis, deputy of Member of Parliament Irena Degutiene Renata Škarnulyte, member of region Council Arturas Kašalynas. After the greetings and jokes of directors of the festival Daiva Povilanskiene and Germina Ptašnykiene true competition between the orchestras started. Countryside orchestra of Seirijai cultural centre (leader – Vytautas Rutkauskas) replaced on the stage the ensemble of Alytus cultural centre Miroslavas branch „Slabadele” with its singers and musicians (leader – Irena Petkevičiene) and were not less valiant than the hosts themselves. Orchestra „Susiedai“ (leader – Jovita Vilkauskiene) from Lazdijai cultural centre Krosna freetime hall made everyone dance, while “Stebule” from Stebuliai freetime hall with the leader Juozas Adomaitis ahead, grafted even the youth with their youthful energy. Guests of the festival from Druskininkai Leipalingis freetime hall countryside orchestra „Avire“ (leader – Valdas Makauskas) made all around move their feet. After a joyful programme of Merkine freetime and entertainment centre orchestra „Unicorn“ (leader – Kęstutis Kaupinis), all the participants of the festival were invited on the stage to perform common composition – „Dzukiška daina“ by G. Švabiene. All were granted with official messages of thanks and remembrance presents by Lazdijai region Mayor Arturas Margelis and director of Lazdijai cultural centre Arunas Sujeta. Initiators of the festival – executives of Seirijai cultural centre – immediately invited everyone to the second festival of countryside orchestras of Alytus district, which will take place next year. The festivalis has ended, but the feast went on: „Waltz of Jonai“ was played for all Jonai present, wreaths of oak leaves were handed in, subscriptions for three months of the sponsor of the feast – newspaper „Dzuku žinios” – and other occasional presents were given. The most reckless participants of the celebration won many nice prizes on the lottery. Everyone stayed and had fun together with the musicians of ensemble „Caprice“ for a while. The magical fire of Summer Solstice was burning and festal fireworks enlightened the sky at midnight. Organizers of the feast are grateful for all the sponsors, as without their support, they would not have been able to present such a beautiful celebration for the town people.

Hey, “dzukeliai”, see you next time in Seirijai! Thank you for not getting scared of the rain.