Frontier feast 2005

Festival surprised byt the huge number of its participants

In 2005 „Pasienio fiestos“ (Frontier feast) festival the first day started with the festal dances by the Galadusis lake, to which came the best fishermen from Lazdijai and neighbouring districts as well as their supporting teams.

Next day the festival was continued in the town park. There were sport competitions for youth and children. The children were entertained by „Raganiukė“ theatre, which showed a nice performance about Micius Mouse.Also there was a fair of artistic works and crafts. Everybody was surprised by a huge of amateur artists‘ programme.

Besides the best our district artistic collectives in the festival took place Seinai Polish Cultural House song and dance collective, Punsk folk music band „Klumpės“. Also a spectacular performance was organised by Lazdijai Art School vocal ensemble together with the group BIG-BEND from Lukov city Mečislavas Karlovičius music school. The festival news was that in this international event there were guests from the Republic of Belarrusia for the first time. This is a folk music song and dance ensemble „Viečierinka“ from Gardin county, Smorgansk region, Žadiškovskas Cultural House.

Also the spectators liked specially for this festival created a united folk music band, conducted by a wonderful our district musician Romas Mazėtis. A pop music singer Žilvinas Žvagulis prepared a very lively show for the closing of the concert.

After the concert the youth were dancing in the disco till the early morning.