Chamber choir “Gaustas“

Choir leader: Birutė Vžesniauskienė
Concertmaster: Rūta Marcinonienė
Choirmaster: Asta Slančiauskienė

The choir has been counting its concert seasons since 1975. First steps were made with the choir leaders Zigmas Ūksas and Juozas Mikutavičius, who is Česlovas Sasnauskas Choir Festival initiator.

In 1980 the choir, conducted by Medhardas Zubas, became the winner of Juozas Naujalis song contest in Raudondvaris.

In 1984 the choir, conducted by Zita Macevičienė, were giving many concerts for Polish Lithuanians in Seinai and Punsk.

In 1987 Birutė Vžesniauskienė started leading the choir. The collective continue taking part traditionally in World Lithuanian Song Festivals, singing in the contests and festivals: Mikalojus Konstantinas Čiurlionis „Kur vingiuoja Nemunėlis“ (in Druskininkai), composers’ J. Bendorius and „Džiūgaukim…Alleliuja“ (in Marijampolė), Stasys Šimkus (in Jurbarkas) and other events.


The choir programme includes secular and sacred musical compositions. The collective sings much in the district and Alytus county events and choir projects.

In 2004 the choir participated in the Third Word Choir Olympiad in Bremen (Germany) and won a second silver diploma.

In 2007 the collective prepared for The Lithuanian Song and Dance Festivals, gave concerts not only in Lithuania, but also in Croatian resort Makarsk in St Mark Cathedral.

In September 28-29th, 2007, the choir organised the fourth traditional “Česlovas Sasnauskas Choir Festival“, dedicated to the composer’s 140th natal anniversary to which they had invited 9 choirs.