Frontier feast 2006

Pelkinis‘ mischieves in the fishermen‘s village

In 2006 the first day of „Pasienio fiestos“(Frontier feast) traditionally took place by the Galadusis lake. There fishermen who were willing to win the Mayor‘s Cup in the spinning competition and festival participants were surprised by a jolly programme. Everybody was greeted with an imaginary ambulance team, who were diagnosing unbelievable diseases and offered very unusual ways of treatement, also they were treating everybody with fishermen‘s eleksir. Everybody admired Pelkinis, who appeared from the lake, as well as mermaids around him. Everybody was having fun, various contests, many people tried fish soup and were listening to the folk music band. Also there was organised horse riding PUNSKAS-LAZDIJAI by the farmers from Punsk region of the Republic of Poland and their night riding by the Galadusis lake.

Next festival day Lazdijai was very lively since the morning. In the town streets fishermen and musicians were inviting people to the event, there was a fair, also fresh and smoked fish smelled and everybody could see the work of crafstmen.

In Lazdijai cultural centre there was opening of the exhibition „Mes Jūsų nepamiršime“. Later festal participants‘ group moved from Lazdijai Square of Independence towards the town park. In front of the group the flags of three neighbouring countries Lithuania, Poland and Belarrusia, also the flag of EU and international children and youth folk dance festival „Atidarykim šokių skrynelę“ were carried solemnly. Next day the festival „Pasienio fiestos“ took place in Lazdijai town park. The festival presenter was a singer and humourist Vitalijus Cololo.

He was giving his funny remarks and telling jolly stories. Some festival participants even cried from laughing. After the festival and traditional fireworks, everybody was entertained by the most popular songs of our country musical groups till the dawn.