Festival of organ music

International Youth Festival of Organ Music III echoed in the most beautiful music sounds in St.Ann’s Church in Lazdijai last Sunday, July 29. Organizers were happy to see the church crowded with attentive listeners. Among the performers of the festival were graduate of Katovitz Music academy Stanislav Pielczyk, student of Warsaw Music Akademy Marta Rogusz, also professor in Warsaw and Krakow Music Academies Jozef Serafin. His masterly performance of compositions gave pleasure to the listeners. The soloist of Kaunas Musical Theatre Mindaugas Zimkus was greatly applauded, as the sounds of his performed compositions „Prayer“, „Ingemisco“, „Ave Marija“ were rising up to the vaults of the church like light downs. He was accompanied by Kaunas State Choir leader Beata Vingraite.

The concert was attended by the regular guests of the festival: music critic Vanda Falk from Poland, the director of culture centre in Seinai Dariusz Tomczyk, who are the initiators and organizers of XIV International Youth Festival of Organ Music, which is taking place in Seinai this week.

The festival was crowned with Lazdijai cultural centre dance composition (leader J. Dereškevičiene) „Thoughts of space“ and fire of the festival, which saw-off the participants of the feast after the concert. The director of cultural centre in Lazdijai Arunas Sujeta greeted everyone, and was happy to call the festival ,,joy for one’s heart“. The participants themselves enjoyed the fine atmosphere of the concert and direct relation between the performer and the listener. It was nice to see the executive of business information centre in Lazdijai Audrius Klejus, who conducted the festival together with the organizers of the concert.

The Youth Festival of Organ Music is one of cultural celebrations, carrying out the project of Interreg IIIA programme „Cultural Cooperation between Local Administrations and development of tourism in Lazdijai region and Punskas district“. Seinai cultural centre is one of the project partners.

The deputy of the director of Lazdijai cultural centre Ingrida Malinauskiene, project specialist and organizer of the feast Ale Levuliene were proud of nice words and warm hugs they got from people, who were grateful for organising such a beautiful concert. Let’s hope that next year the festival will grow bigger and attract even larger audience, will continue throughout several summer weekends and find proper place in cultural space of the region.

Play organs
Sounds go to the heaven
After touching the sky
Come back to hearts
By love and light rays
To thoughts,
To life,
To dreams.