Frontier feast 2008

The Theme of the Festival – Interpretation of the Legend „Jūratė ir Kastytis“

June 6-7th, in Lazdijai was a 5th traditional international festival „Pasienio fiesta“ (Frontier Feast). This year for the theme festival organisers chose the interpretation of the legend „Jūratė ir Kastytis“

First day by the Galadusis lake in the traditional fishermen‘s village there was an amusing wedding party to which came a big group from Lazdijai town and district, also guests not only from Lithunia, but also from the neighbouring countries. From the lake appeared water ruler Neptūnas and gave the fishermen fishing permissions for tomorrow spinning competitions in the Galadusis lake and blessed the love of young fisherman Kastytis and water goddess Jūratė.

Unfortunately, sky ruler Perkūnas got furious because of it and he with his escort, called fakyrai, were slinging fire and lightning balls and encouraged Neptūnas to fight.

Next day there was a cortege of festival participants to the Lazdijai town park. There the rulers of water and sky declared their great fight. The warriors of Neptūnas were represented by dancing collectives of elder people, who took place in the traditional dance festival „Šokim šokimėlį”.

They arrived from Radviliškis, Šakiai, Kėdainiai, Panevėžys, Marijampolė, Kaunas, Vilnius city and Lazdijai town, also came guests from neighbouring Bellarusia country and Latvia Bauskė city.

Perkūnas‘ assistants were musicians and singers, such as Meteliai Parish Hall folk music band „Metelys“, Veisiejai cultural house folk music band „Veisieja“, Lazdijai cultural house chamber choir „Gaustas“, also jolly music ensemble „Jonis“ and humour group „Ambrozija“. Non-traditional music group „InCulto“ was entertaining the youth. During the festival the winners of spinning competitions were awarded with the cups, which were presented by Lazdijai district municipality mayor Artūras Margelis, vice mayor Benius Rūtelionis, the members of the parliament Justinas Karosas and Arminas Lydeka.

The festival was traditionally closed by spectacular fireworks, which reminded that Lazdijai residents together with their closest neighbours are celebrating the biggest festival of the district „Pasienio fiesta“(Frontier feast). The festival was organized by Lazdijai district municipality and Public institution Lazdijų kultūros centras.