Play Jurgelis

„Play, Jurgelis“ snapped – Barborytė clapped

Do you remember, brother, when it was the last time you were feeling yourself full of joy of life? When did you feel yourself a part of a nice community, the one, which gives, not takes , creates, but not destroys?

It was last weekend, when Lazdijai was overwhelmed by a singing, warm countryside orchestras’ music spirit – a feast – competition „Play, Jurgelis“. A feast, I used to watch on TV in my childhood together with my parents (as there was no opportunity to visit it), a feast, which orchestras made my grandmother cry, a feast, which keeps going on for four decades already. I could not imagine it without its soul Stefa Navardaitienė either, who spread good mood, provoked our smiles and laughter, telling humorous rhymed jokes. She brought her niece Barboryte, too, who was speaking to and playing tricks on, and raising, and spinning men on the stage to the left and to the right, looking for a proper groom. Who would waste a chance to find a handsome, singing, dancing and playing husband in a such crowd of musicians?

All in all nine countryside orchestras took part in this feast – competition from all over Dzūkija region: „Period“ from Varena, “Unicorn” from Merkinė, „Tarškutis“ from Alytus, „Punelė“ from Punia, also even four orchestras from our district: ”Dream“ from Būdvietis, „Dziedukai“ and „Ukė,ukė kapelukė“ from Lazdijai and the favourite „Metelys“ from Meteliai. As guests Pivašiūnai folk music orchestra also participated in the feast. Its musicians fascinated most of spectators with their energy and joyful songs. Jury decided to announce “Tarškutis” from the youth centre in Alytus as the winners of the competition „Play, Jurgelis“, “Metelys” orchestra from Meteliai won the sympathies of the spectators. However, an orchestra from Varėna „Period“, though attracted women with beautiful manly voices and red roses, remained only as candidates to republican „Play, Jurgelis“ feast – competition.

Deputy of the region mayor Artūras Margelis presented all the orchestras with souvenirs and gratitudes, said, that all the competitors could feel themselves as winners, and hoped that this beautiful feast of Dzūkija region not for the last time took place in our district. Organizers of the feast, director of „City Feast“ Loreta Jankauskienė, director of the feast Bernadeta Aksomaitytė, conductors of the concert actress Raimonda Šukytė and humourist Stefa Navardaitienė were happy for the success of the feast, and were surprised, as for the first time it was so difficult to say good-bye to the collective of cultural centre, who organised the smooth process of the feast and also warm welcoming of the guests. So, dear friends, it depends only on us what kind of culture we are going to cherish. And if next time we will have an opportunity to visit not a phonogram, but live music concert, to support and to encourage musicians of our region or district, to get enough of good mood for the whole week, let’s not choose a calm nap in front of a TV set. Sometimes a few hours of joy and happiness dispels weariness of a tiring week.