Veisiejai Cultural House folklore ensemble „Packavėlė“

Leader: Lina Kvedaravičienė

Veisiejai Cultural House folklore ensemble „Packavėlė“ was created on January 25th, 2005. It consists of 14 members of different age. The ensemble repertoire includes mostly Veisiejai folk songs, round dances and instrumental compositions.

„Packavėlė“ has prepared several programmes: „Jojo prijojo pylnas kiemas svetelių“, „Kad aš turėtau“ for Jurginės festival, „Atvažiuoja Kalėdos“ for Advent period. The ensemble took place in various district and county events: Alytus county folklore ensemble festival „Dzūkų godos“, in Jurginės festival, in 2007 they participated in Lithuanian Song Festival „Būties ratu“. Moreover, they gave concerts for healthy-minded people in the internationl health camp, they also participated in the international festival in Lazdijai „Pasienio fiesta“ and many other events.