Seirijai Cultural House Folk Music Band „Seirija“

Leader: Vytautas Rutkauskas

Seirijai Cultural House folk music band „Seirijai“ was created in 2003.

Since then the band has been participating in various festivals and events: in 2005 the band took part in Lithuanian National Television programme „Gero ūpo“ and together with other Lazdijai Cultural Centre collectives won the first place; also they participated in the traditional folk music band festival „Stasinės -05″ in Kelmė; folk music band festival „Suvalkietiškas kiemas“ in Vilkaviškis, in 2006 they took place in Dzūkija region contest „Grok, Jurgeli“, where they became the winners and received the right to participate in the Republican contest in Kaunas Sport Hall and Vilnius Siemens Arena; moreover, the band took place in the Republic of Poland House of Lithuanians in Seinai and other Republican, county and region events.

In 2007 the band organized a folk music band festival „Ei, dzūkeliai, uždainuokim“ in Seirijai town, where participated all bands from Alytus county.

The band „Seirija“ has prepared the programmes „Buvo naktys švento Jono“, „Nupjoviau linelius“, „Dzūkas ir vargi dainuoja“.