Rudamina Children Drama Group „Spragtukas“

Leader: Regina Motiejūnienė

Children‘s drama collective „Spragtukas“ was established in 2006. Their first performance was „Katės namai“, which was shown in Rudamina town for its residents and Miknišiai village community during the festival. In the same year the collective participated in regional children and youth performance review „Šimtakojis“ in Šeštokai.

In 2007 the collective prepared a performance „Skruzdėlė atsiskyrėlė“ and a funny entertaining programme for children„Kukariamba“.

In 2008 the group has created a play „Nenuorama oželis“. This play was shown in the regional children‘s drama festival „Bildukai“, the audience admired a perfect young actors‘ acting, nice decorations, also wonderful leader‘s hand-made dolls.