Lazdijai branch folk music band „Dziedukai“

Leader: Romas Mazėtis

Traditional folk music band „Dziedukai” was established in 1991. It takes part in various contests and festivals. It has been the participant of an international folk festival “Baltica” organised by Lithuanian Folk Cultural Centre for more than one year. Also the band participates in World Lithuanian Song Festivals, in the festivals „Dzūkų godos“, „Dzūkų popietė“, Harvest festivals, Resort festivals and many other events organised in Dzūkija region. „Dziedukai“ is certified as one of the best bands not only by Alytus county, but also by Lithuanian Harmonicists. They have received many various awards and the name of “Mr Harmonicist”.

In traditional folk music band „Dziedukai“ play Albinas Bartnykas (born in 1927), Vytautas Galvanauskas (born in 1930), Rolandas Bartnykas (born in 1962) and Romas Mazėtis (born in 1950).