About the centre

General information

Public Institution „Lazdijų kultūros centras“ (Lazdijai Cultural Centre) was established on November 11th, 2003 by Lazdijai district council decision Nr.5TS-205. Public Institution „Lazdijų kultūros centras“  is  Lazdijai district Municipality non-profit organization, established according to the Law on Public Establishments of the Republic of Lithuania. The organization provides cultural, cultural education and other services for Lazdijai district society as well as other persons.

Major aspects of the activity

The main activity of the centre is Lazdijai district residents‘ leisure time occupation.The events, such as folk music band festival „Netgi vakaruškos“, adult drama collective festival „Gonkelės“, children‘s drama collective festival „Bildukai“, St Ann‘s Day by  Prelomciškė mound, World Youth Day, Wedding ensemble festival, etc. have already become traditional.

Other aspects of the activity

To satisfy society cultural needs,
cherish and protect ethnic culture and art,
encourage youth initiative and creative seeking,
concern about etnocultural heritage,
assure the accessibility of art for residents.

The structure of Public institution Lazdijai kultūros centras (Lazdijai Cultural Centre)

The number of cultural centre staff  – 67
Centre cultural institutions – 20, which include:

  • 4 Cultural Houses,
  • 16 Leisure Time Halls.

40 creative employees work in the cultural institutions.